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Fizziology Flavour Concentrates

The fizziology range uses a combination of ingredients to give the sensation of fizziness including a small amount of cooling agent. Some customers get the overall fizzy effect, whereas some just taste the cooling.

To make your own fizzy recipe try the Fizz Base


Kings Castle One Shots

Some of these Concentrates vary in required percentages from as low as 7% for Sir Gawain to as high as 26% for Sir Galahad, the beauty of these concentrates is that you can change the percentages to match your own taste, you can make them weaker by using a lower percentage or higher by using more


Bakers Dozen Flavour Concentrates

The Bakers Dozen flavour concentrates were created to provide you  with a range of bakery-themed flavours. They have been carefully blended to make each one a unique experience.

Every bottle of Bakers Dozen flavour concentrate is mixed by hand in their hygienic UK production facility to recipes that have been created, tried and tested in-house by their artisan mixologists, whose mission is to create the finest quality flavours possible.

These are one shot concentrates and should be mixed between 10 and 15%, best at 15%

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