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In Super Aromas flavours, you will find ingredients from all over the world, carefully selected with high attention to quality.

Our Super Concentrated Aromas offer includes basic classics such as creams, biscuits, sponge cakes, and vanillas, along with fruit flavours from every category, as well as exotic and tropical flavours and fancy, sophisticated dessert aromas.

With the ever-growing possibilities of using flavours in foods in ways we never previously considered, you can find yourself having a Cactus and Mango Sorbet, adding Peanut Butter to boost the flavour of your morning Protein Shake, or even making an Irish Coffee Birthday cake, the limit ends only with your imagination.

All of our products here at Sobucky are GMP & HACCP produced, to ensure that the best care and quality is taken to provide you with the World Quality items that we supply to all of our customers. Read more about regulations on our website: SOBUCKY HACCP & GMP

Due to import restrictions Sobucky is only available in 30mls

Super Aromas can be used at: 

★ Sugar confectionary – jellies, gums, marshmallows, candies

★ Chocolates – flavoured with sugar or sugar free

★ Candies, lollipops, fudges, caramels, fondants 

★ Syrups, shakes, slush with all variety of seasonal flavours

★ Cakes, baking products, all kinds of drinks including energy drinks and coffee

WARNING: These concentrates are very strong and should be used in small amounts, using for DIY start at 1.5%

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