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Most questions can be answered in our FAQ page, however if your question is not there then please use this form to contact us

Please note that we are online only and do not offer pickup we also do not ship overseas or reply to any message that is attempting to sell us a product or service

Please also note that we are unable to add to, change or amend a paid order. 


Please note that your email address is checked by our anti spam system, if your email address does not exist, previously used for Spam or incorrect we will not receive your message, we delete all emails that are trying to sell us a product or service and do not click on any links

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have a discount
    Flavour World offer a wide variety of discounted flavour packs, discounted recipe packs and free shipping we treat ALL customers the same and subsequently we do not offer individuals special discounts no matter what the size of the order
  • Do you offer Wholesale Pricing for businesses ?
    Contrary to popular belief, Australia does not have a large population who purchase flavour concentrates, like the UK and the USA and Flavour World needs to import their flavours from overseas at a considerable cost so we can not offer any further discounts from the prices on the website or larger sizes
  • Do you have any sales ?
    Flavour World have many sales throughout the year, in order to know about these sales you would need to subscribe through our website, we do not advise any customer about any upcoming sales
  • Can I change or add something to my order ?
    Flavour World is a very busy website and cannot add to, change, merge or amend any paid order, the only circumstances where we would merge 2 orders is where both orders have free shipping to the same address
  • Why has my order not been shipped ?
    Flavour World staff start very early in the mornings and finish in the early afternoon, this is mostly due to staff needing to pick their children up from school, therefore we upload all of the days shipping to Australia Post around 4.00AM, if you have an incorrect address, or the wrong suburb and postcode match, your order will be rejected by Australia Post and will be removed from that days shipping, we will send you an email asking you to confirm the incorrect address, it is not Flavour Worlds responsibility to fix address errors, all Australian addresses have street address, Suburb and Postcode, if you decide to put the city you live in rather than the suburb your order will be rejected, any rejected orders will not be sent with that days shipping, Orders are generally sent the following business day, however with recent legislative pending changes, we have become a lot more busy and can take up to 2 business days
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