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We Sell Concentrated Flavours that must be diluted before use

Flavour Description: 

Very juicy and fruity with Raspberries, Peaches and Citrus mix that is bursting with flavour

Mix at 15% and Steep 7 to 10 Days 


Shake well before use as flavours are known to separate


Sir Tristan, or Tristram in Old English, was a contemporary of King Arthur and a Knight of the Round Table. He was the nephew and champion of King Mark of Cornwall and the son of Meliodas, King of Lyoness. Tristan’s mother died when he was born, and as a young man he went to live with his uncle, Mark in Cornwall, becoming his uncle’s champion.


Sir Tristan became the champion of his uncle upon defeating and killing Marhaus of Ireland in a duel. That defeat led to a truce with King Anguish of Ireland who arranged for his daughter, Iseult to be married to King Mark. Sir Tristan who was sent to Ireland to fetch the would be Queen, but while in the process of bringing her back to Cornwall, Tristan and Iseult fell hopelessly in love with one another. Upon realizing there was no hope for them to stay together and live a normal life, they fled from King Mark and lived the rest of their days on the run.


Kings Castle - Sir Tristan One Shot Concentrate 30ml

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