Strawberry Creme Brulee Recipe Pack

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Strawberry Creme Brulee is a vintage creme brulee with creamy custard filling, topped with a layer of succulent strawberries. Every hit is a blissful experience for your sweet tooth. This flavour is so creamy that your palate will be drenched after you exhale. The strawberry flavour balances out the richness of the custard perfectly.

With every inhale, the bright and slightly tangy taste of freshly picked strawberries makes your mouth water. The sweetness of this berry becomes more prominent as the richness of the custard makes itself known. A hint of vanilla hits the spot as the flavour becomes outrageously creamy. Each exhale slams the sweet tooth with caramelised sugar.

You will receive 1 x 10ml of each of the following concentrates

2% Caramel ( TPA )
4% Bavarian Cream ( TPA )
1% Marshmallow ( TPA )
8% Strawberry Ripe ( TPA )
1% Sweetener (Sucralose) ( TPA )


Recipe packs are copied from the public domain Flavour World does not warrant that this recipe will be the
same as the original e-juice, Customers who purchase this product are only purchasing the concentrates, the recipe is for information only and the customer takes
full responsibility should they decide to make this recipe and will have no recourse against Flavour World or its employees


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