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We Sell Concentrated Flavours that must be diluted before use


7 days rest
A delicious full mouthfeel peanut butter & Jam doughnut recipe that will reward you after the resting period. A really lovely base of bakery will follow the delicious deep fruity jam with a smooth lashing of peanut butter. Enjoy!


Special thanks for assisting on the creation to
Summer Stanley, Danny Magikman, Adam Sydir, Robert Lamont, Eric Crawford, Anne Allen, Luke Loop, George D.


You will receive 1 x 10mls of the following concentrates,simply use the below percentages


0.50% Blackcurrant (Ribes) (FA)
1.00% Blueberry Jam (CAP)
0.50% Caramel (Caramello) (FA)
2.00% King / RE (Pazzo) (FA)
4.00% Peanut Butter (DX) (TPA)
2.00% Shisha Strawberry (INAWERA)
0.50% Super Sweet (CAP)
2.00% Vanilla Cupcake V2 (CAP)
1.50% zeppola (FA)


Product Use
Flavour World sells Food Grade Flavour Concentrates for the use in baking and general domestic and commercial use, and may contain ingredients that may not be suitable for the purpose you are using them, if you use any of these concentrates for any other purpose, you do so at your own risk, as Flavour World is a reseller, we cannot provide you with a chemical breakdown of the product, you should contact the manufacturer direct if you need this information




Peanut Butter & Jam Donut March 2020 Winner

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