FLAVOURART 7 Leaves Ultimate

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7 Leaves Tobacco by FlavourArt combines the best features of FlavourArt's seven most popular tobacco flavours to provide a unique tobacco experience with a slight wood taste, subdued undertones, and a hint of spice. 7 Leaves Tobacco contains aspects of FlavourArt's rich and subtle flavours "Fire-cured," "Bright leaf," "Burley," "Shade," "Perique," "Latakia," and "Oriental," making it the perfect choice for the tobacco connoisseur's recipe. 

We market our concentrates for use in Food based products only if you use for any other purpose you do so at your own risk

Flavouring Uses - Very Strong

  • Smoothies, diet shakes and protein drinks start at 3%
  • Baking and frosting
  • Breakfast, Oatmeal and Puddings
  • Skinny Cocktails, Martinis, Margaritas and Mojitos
  • Coffee, Tea, Espressos and Lattes
  • Italian Sodas and Flavored Water
  • Desserts, Sherbets and Shave Ice
  • Tobacco Flavours add smokey and barbeque flavour ro sauces and bases
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4 Reviews

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    Posted by Peter on Jul 11, 2020

    This is an excellent light tobacco flavour that is quite subtle and complex as the 7 leaves title would suggest. I taste a very slight sweet note in the blend but I wouldn't say it's a sweet tobacco like RY4 caramel, it's just a very nicely balanced mix of tobaccos. I made a 30ml bottle 60/40 vg-pg 5% flavour or 1.5ml and after 21 days steeping it's really nice through a 0.4ohm coil in my Baby Beast tank at 35-40W. My nic level is 8mg. I'm loving this strength of flavour but it's that good I could easily be tempted to explore it's depth by increasing it to say 7-10%. If you want to try a new tobacco flavour I can highly recommend this one.

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    FLAVOURART 7 Leaves Ultimate

    Posted by Stewart on Mar 26, 2019

    7 Leaves Ultimate is great tasting, although it is a light flavored tobacco. Would be good if there was a double strength version.

  • 5
    Not too strong

    Posted by Chris Connor on Aug 17, 2018

    For 7 leaves it aint too rich

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    This is it

    Posted by Oguzhan Tandogac on Jul 03, 2016

    I prepared two 10ml batches each with 3% in a 35/65 PG/VG base and 8mg/ml nicotine. One without Vape Wizard and one with (one drop only), steeped 4 days. Vaped at 35 watts 0.3 ohm coil (rather cool, higher watts makes it warmer and a more licorice like sweet flavour to about 45 watts). Without the wizard this is very close to a regular high quality smooth cig (think Dunhill IMHO). Very nice exhaling out of the nose. As close to a real cig I've come across. With the Wizard, it takes on a very slight mellowness even a tinge of sweetness if exhaled out of the nose. In both versions, that smokey smell and sense stays with you for a while, just like having had a cig. I will mix myself a nice 120ml batch with the Wizard.

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