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We Sell Concentrated Flavours that must be diluted before use

 Try the sweet flavour of Yellow Cake mix it with fruit, cream, spice, or liquor flavours in your very own recipe. Yellow Cake makes for an excellent dessert flavour

Water Soluble Flavouring.

This is Flavor West best selling concentrate


Please note this flavour is known to contains particles and sediment and needs to be shaken well before use, this may cause the flavour to appear milky, this is normal due to the Natural Ingredients 


Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavouring, Propylene Glycol, USP Kosher Grade Flavouring.

We import Flavor West concentrates directly from the manufacturer in the USA. We recommend starting with a 10% mix and increasing according to taste.

Please note some flavours do vary in strength which is why we recommend to start mixing in small batches with low flavouring to start.

Flavor West Yellow Cake

PriceFrom $3.80

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