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We Sell Concentrated Flavours that must be diluted before use

30ml and 100ml comes in flat top bottles not Chubby Gorilla

Cotton Candy flavour can give you the sweet taste (and, more importantly, the sweet smell) of this light airy treat without the mess.
It's just like the old days when you would eat it off a stick on a Sunday afternoon out and about.
The rich sweet flavour of Cotton Candy is often complemented by various combinations of fruit flavours.


At low Percentages, around 0.5-1% it adds body, moisture, and Reduces sharp notes.

It rounds off the flavours, and Brings them out a bit. In --other words, it Reduces flavour intensity.

1.5-2.5% Significantly Reduces flavour intensity it. 


PriceFrom $3.99
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Super Strength Concentrates now available click here to view range
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