Trippe Threat Cupcake - May 2018 Winner

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The winner for May is Trippe Threat Cupcake by Mary Beth Hogan 

You will receive 1 x 10mls of the following concentrates, these have been discounted by 20% of our normal price

5% (TPA) Banana Nut Bread
1% (CAP) Butter Cream
2.5% (FW) Butterscotch Ripple
2.5% (TPA) Vanilla Cupcake
3.5% (PUR) Vanilla Nut Brittle

Banana, Butterscotch and Brittle - cant go wrong, this is just yummy. 

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5 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Damon Bayliss on 2nd Dec 2018

    Steeped for a week and the flavor was truly amazing, and only gets better the longer you steep it.

  • 5
    Heavenly Decadence

    Posted by Eric on 23rd Oct 2018

    This is one flavourful, awesome treat ! Rich & smooth - you've got to add this one to your repertoire ! Possibly the best dessert vape I've ever tasted. Kudos to its creator & Sydney Vapour for making this available. A unique, classy "must have" - (Note: steep 4 weeks)

  • 5
    I like it

    Posted by Adam low on 29th Aug 2018

    This is a very nice vape I steeped for a week and it was just right, I did add 1ml of sweetener

  • 2
    Can't say im a fan

    Posted by Tanya Price on 27th Aug 2018

    Would love to have loved this but something isnt right. I added some mts vape and it's vapable but has an off note..ive steeped it for a good mobth. I notice off notes though so it's probably just me

  • 5
    Deliciously delicate

    Posted by Cathy Wood on 13th Jun 2018

    No wonder this was the winning recipe in the month of May challenge. Straight off the shake you know that your in for a treat. I’d only had 2 tokes of it and the grand children came running in and wondered what smelled so good. Straight off the shake and vape, I’m getting cake and mild butterscotch, deliciously delicate at this stage.

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