Scavenger Hunt June 2019


Welcome to our Scavenger Hunt, we will be having one per month and the winners will be announced on the monthly Scavenger Hunt Page and by email
You must follow Flavour World on Facebook, if you use a different name to your real name on facebook please put your facebook name on the comments section when you submit the form
You can go to our Facebook page here
You must create an account with Flavour World so we can add your winning credit to your account
The Scavenger hunt is open to anyone over the age of 18 who has an Australia Address as we do not ship overseas, only 1 entry per month per person 
OK Now on to the HUNT !!
You will find the following picture below on 3 different products ( in the description section ) simply find the 3 products on and fill in the form below, if you have any questions please use our contact page or live chat
The Picture is