• Ambrosia - Purilum

    Purilum Ambrosia

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Delicious spot on Ambrosia flavour! This creamy mixture of fruits can be used for some of the most unique recipes! Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Arctic Mint - Purilum

    Purilum Arctic Mint

    $4.20 - $7.70
    Cool, refreshing, and delicious! Definitely not an every occasion Mint, however this pairs with menthols beautifully! Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Banana - Purilum

    Purilum Banana

    $4.20 - $10.40
    ​Candy like Banana that isn't overpowering. Finally a Banana that can be used universally! Try this Banana with almost anything for a nice addition to your blends!  Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Banana Split- Purilum

    Purilum Banana Split

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Delicious Banana Split flavour with smooth ice cream notes. Chocolate is the dominant ice cream of this flavour and if any dry notes do occur, a simple cream addition can do the trick! Suggested...
  • Bananascotch- Purilum

    Purilum Bananascotch

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Ripe banana with butterscotch cream sauce. Great for adding sweeteners and creams. A perfect addition to a Sundae or Banana Dessert blend! Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Blueberry Peach Pastry- Purilum

    Purilum Blueberry Peach Pastry

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Blueberries!? Peaches? Pastries? Now that's just too tempting! This flavour is a unique tart type of dessert with a good balance of fruit and dessert! Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Candy Cake - Purilum

    Purilum Candy Cake

    $4.20 - $10.40
    A unique and surprisingly delicious dessert! A cheesecake and subtle apple mix with hints of candy. This will leave your taste buds craving more! This extract works as a perfect base! Suggested...
  • Cherry Cola - Purilum

    Purilum Cherry Cola

    $4.20 - $10.40
    True to its name, this flavour is a superb Cherry Cola flavour with the perfect balance of fruit and beverage! Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter - Purilum

    Purilum Chocolate Peanut Butter

    $4.20 - $10.40
    ​A great flavour for all of your Peanut Butter needs! Not too overpowering on the Chocolate or Peanut Butter, this flavour represents a great balance between the two. Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Citrus Menthol - Purilum

    Purilum Citrus Menthol

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Unique Menthol flavour that will leave your taste buds tingling! Tremendous with drinks and other citrus mixes! Suggested percentage .5% - preference
  • Condensed Milk - Purilum

    Purilum Condensed Milk

    $4.20 - $10.40
    A spot on condensed milk that is a great companion when mixed with cookies, cereals, and practically any other delicious treat your taste buds desire! Suggested percentage 5-10% Diketone...
  • Country Apple- Purilum

    Purilum Country Apple

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Previously known as Fuji Apple. This is more of a golden baked Apple with deep undertones. Perfect for desserts and Apple bases. Specific Gravity: 1.0070-1.0570 Diacetyl:...
  • Fizzy Strawberry - Purilum

    Purilum Fizzy Strawberry

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Fizzy Strawberry!? A unique flavour that is excellent in beverages and fruit mixes. Some have even said that a "Fizzy" effect can occur after a long enough steep time. Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Fresh Coconut - Purilum

    Purilum Fresh Coconut

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Tasting as if it were picked from the tree the very same day. Fresh coconut is quite unique in the sense of leaving you feel as if you are on a beach in the tropics. Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Grape Soda - Purilum

    Purilum Grape Soda

    $4.20 - $10.40
    A great balance between carbonation and sweet Grapes! A great addition to many fruit beverages. Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Gummy Candy - Purilum

    Purilum Gummy Candy

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Finally! A Gummy Candy that's spot on! Look no further, this Gummy Candy will fulfil your needs. Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Jelly Candy - Purilum

    Purilum Jelly Candy

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Not to be confused with gummy candy. Jelly Candy is sweet and slightly bitter. The ultimate candy base for your vaping needs! Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Lemonade - Purilum

    Purilum Lemonade

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Perfect balance of sweet and sour with an authentic lemon taste. This Lemonade is exactly what you've been searching for. Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Melody - Purilum

    Purilum Melody

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Watermelon, Strawberries, and just a little something extra! Delicious, subtle, and slightly minty! The perfect all day fruit blend! Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Meringue - Purilum

    Purilum Meringue

    $4.20 - $10.40
    A perfect extract for desserts! Not so much of a stand alone is its other Purilum companions; however, this flavour can make all your dessert dreams come true. This flavour is especially great at...
  • Neopolitan - Purilum

    Purilum Neopolitan

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate all in one flavour! A great blend of Ice Creams, especially when mixed with desserts like cakes! Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Papaya Mango - Purilum

    Purilum Papaya Mango

    $4.20 - $10.40
    A tropical blend of incredible fruits! One taste and you'll be wanting more! Papaya and Mango finally set the stage of tropical excellence! Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Peanut Butter Cookie - Purilum

    Purilum Peanut Butter Cookie

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Tasty Peanut Butter Cookie that's excellent with ice creams and other dessert flavours! If you encounter any dry notes, a simple cream will do the trick to moisten the mouth feel! Suggested...
  • Pineapple Cake - Purilum

    Purilum Pineapple Cake

    $4.20 - $7.70
    Dry Pineapple Cake meant mainly to be used as a base flavour. Deep Pineapple flavour with grainy cake notes. Great with other creams and Pineapples! Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Raspberry - Purilum

    Purilum Raspberry

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Delicate and delectable. The subtle sweetness this Berry holds is a necessity for almost any occasion. Suggested percentage 5-10%
  • Simply Cake - Purilum

    Purilum Simply Cake

    The name speaks for itself! Simple and slightly sweet. A great cake base to build on. Similar to Yellow Cake this flavour can be used with almost anything! Sweeteners, creams, fruits, vanilla,...
  • Sour Cherries & Oranges- Purilum

    Purilum Sour Cherries & Oranges

    $4.20 - $10.40
    Perfect for Orange lovers. Sweet and tart in a beautiful blend of perfection. Wonderful as a stand alone flavour or with other citrus fruits, lemonades, or even some desserts! Suggested percentage...