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Joker is supposed to taste like a Cannoli. Upon using it, it smells absolutely delicious. Not only do you get the aroma of a flaky, powdered sugared, cannoli shell, but also a touch of the cream in the nose as well. I think the flavour is great. It’s layered and balanced well, you can taste the flaky buttery shell, and also a bit of the powdered sugar, but the cream is lacking. 

We market our concentrates for use in Food based products only if you use for any other purpose you do so at your own risk

Flavouring Uses - Very Strong

  • Smoothies, diet shakes and protein drinks start at 3%
  • Baking and frosting
  • Breakfast, Oatmeal and Puddings
  • Skinny Cocktails, Martinis, Margaritas and Mojitos
  • Coffee, Tea, Espressos and Lattes
  • Italian Sodas and Flavored Water
  • Desserts, Sherbets and Shave Ice
  • Ice Creams
  • Tobacco Flavours add smokey and barbeque flavour ro sauces and bases
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3 Reviews

  • 3

    Gave this 3 stars, sits kind of between 3 & 4 to me. After a month steep I get more of a custard taste and a very very faint bakery side of things. My inlaws are italian and we have eaten many of the real thing, this isnt it. Not complete in my opinion as a one shot as its too lopsided towards the custard. It does though pair well enough with other flavours to be of use. I mixed this with some raspberry and its not bad at all. I actually prefer this as just a custard to use in mixes rather than Flavour Arts actual custard. So yeah 3.5.

  • 4
    Flavour Art Joker.

    PAZZO [email protected]%, LA marshmellow @3.3%, CAP supersweer @0.6%, TPA vanilla bean ice cream @0.5% off the shake seems OK. A steep for 6 days will likely improve it very well. Does have a similar profile to Capella Glazed Donut -but slightly more dough flavours, and not quite as sweet. Overall a nice flavour for mixing.

  • 5
    Excellent bakery

    I don't know if it represents whats on the photo but I love it. Never liked bakery flavors till I've found this. It's made to be on it's own flavor, I use 2%, 64Pg, steep 3 weeks. It's mouth full, rich and sweet. Very professional service from Flavourworld by the way, thanks!

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