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Suggested Percentage 8%

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This is by far my favourite of the bunch. They tried to emulate the flavour of these strawberry candies, with the chewy middle center. And in my opinion, its spot on. The flavour is so close to the chewy center of those candies. It’s bright, it’s vivid, and full of saturated flavour. I’m extremely impressed with this and can’t wait to see how it mixes.

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2 Reviews

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    Revisited this

    Posted by Brett on 21st Jul 2019

    When I first tried this it seemed just ok and I gave up on it. But a friend told me to try it mixed with some FA Zeppola. I did and was surprised. It seems better as a mixer than a stand alone one shot. Followed his suggestion of 4% Zeppola and 3% Jack and loved it. So thought it only fair to post this.

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    Not bad.

    Posted by Brett on 18th Jul 2018

    I dont mind this but actually prefer Pazzo King. I struggled to taste this at 4% so upped until I could, 8% got me there. Tried some higher % mixes but didn't make it better than 8%. It's candy alright but I am not getting much strawberry to be honest. It's ok.

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