Parisean Pear Tort - December 2018 Winner

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The winner for December 2018 is Parisean Pear Tort by Courtney Nelson Inlow

You will receive 1 x 10mls of the following concentrates, these have been discounted by 20% of our normal price

2.00% Almond Cookie (WF) (SC)

0.8% Bavarian Cream ( JF)

1.8% Ripe Pear (WF) (SC)

1.2% Sugar Cookie V1 (CAP)

1.5% Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP)

Notes by Creator:

Admittedly I am not from Paris, nor have I ever had the chance to go, but when I did a search for their foods the pear torte kept coming up. So this is my attempt at making that scrumptious looking treat! The CPA-Sugar Cookie combined with the WF-Almond Cookie come together to form the buttery crust. The next layer is the JF-Bavarian Cream and CAP-Vanilla Custard to add the creamy filling that is then topped off with the WF-Ripe Pear. This needs to steep for a couple of weeks for best results but it was pretty tasty within 24 hours. I did a quick update of the ingredients on 1/19/2019. Alfred said it needed more pear and a tad less custard lol.



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