Sometimes a blend of flavours come together to create a unique flavour of its own
That is Kings Castle
These are my Signature personal recipes and have been asked to make them available as one shot concentrates
Some of these Concentrates vary in required percentages from as low as 7% for Sir Gawain to as high as 26% for Sir Galahad, the beauty of one shots is that you can change the percentages to match your own taste, you can make them weaker by using a lower percentage or higher by using more

The Knights of the Round Table were the knights associated with the legend of King Arthur. They were a fabled group of knights who used to sit around the table in King Arthur's castle at Camelot.

This table was circular, rather than rectangular, contrary to the fashion in those times. In many stories and fables, these knights were portrayed as the hallmark of virtue, chivalry and loyalty. Their position around the table meant that they were all equal and belonged to the highest order of knights in King Arthur's kingdom 

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