Nic-Riv - Ocean Myst Grape Juice

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Subtle, tart, and satisfying. Ocean Myst will remind you of a renown juice brand that has captured the hearts of many taste buds. Perfect for juice blends and grape lovers.

Suggested Usage in DIY of 2 to 3%. Please allow at least 1 week to steep


Simply perfect!
April 17, 2018 by Hallie A.
“Absolutely love this juice. It is spot on grape juice. Mixed at 4%, could probably go up to 6%.”

Ocean myst? More like Ocean Spray!
March 22, 2017 by Chris D.
“This is like a dead ringer for that very good grape ocean spray to me.
Very strong, good sweetness and a great mouthfeel.”

Excellent Grape Flavor
January 29, 2017 by Keile B.
“I purchased this because I'm always looking for a good grape. This is spot on Ocean Spray type of juice flavor. It's sweet and slightly tart with a nice "juicy" feel to it. Works great by itself at around 8% or mixed at 4%.



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