• American Bubble Gum by Molinberry

    Molinberry American Bubble Gum

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Bubble Gum like the one tried in old days. Perfect for twisted mixing, Amazing Flavour Suggested Mix: 7-10% Third Party Review Amazing, I would have never imagined enjoying a plain bubble gum...
  • Big Watermelon by Molinberry

    Molinberry Big Watermelon

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Big & fresh watermelon fruit from the market. Very juicy and sweet flavour Suggested Mix: 6-8% Third Party Review Big Watermelon is a very interesting flavour! I love the sweetness that the...
  • Blueberry by Molinberry

    Molinberry Blueberry

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Full of vitamin C, blue, round and amazingly delicious. It’s BLUEBERRY! Great couple with creams, forest fruits, custards & candy blends Suggested Mix: 7%
  • Boom! Molinberry M-Line One Shot

    Molinberry Boom! One Shot

    $5.95 - $15.50
     Fruity bomb! The best of seasonal red fruits, including out INSANE STRAWBERRY combined with juicy, sweet and unreal handsome WATERMELON. Perfect flavour Suggested Mix: 6-7% Molinberry M-Line...
  • Bounty Molinberry M-Line One Shot

    Molinberry Bounty One Shot

    $5.95 - $15.50
    Coconut cookie style with smooth hazelnut chocolate bits. Full rich flavour makes perfect snack  Suggested Mix: 6% Molinberry M-Line is a top of the range one shot concentrate and is very...
  • Cheesecake by Molinberry

    Molinberry Cheesecake

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Delicious cheesecake flavour almost like legendary New York style. Creamy, very smooth and rich piece of pleasure. Ideal for blends with fruits, chocolate’s, creams. Suggested Mix:7-9%
  • Sold out - Check back soon
     Cookie Bite Molinberry M-Line One Shot

    Molinberry Cookie Bite One Shot

    Reach in every bite: Belgian chocolate, cocoa beans & milky biscuit one of Molinberry top sellers, this comes in its original 10ml Packaging as Molinberry do not sell this in bulk...
  • Custard by Molinberry

    Molinberry Custard

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Creamy & soft custard full of realistic vanilla beans sitting inside of each bottle. Truly sweet, delicate at times, easily to fall in love with Suggested Mix: 7-8% Third Party...
  • Eden Apple from Molinberry

    Molinberry Eden Apple

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Hand picked Eden apple, crushed into fresh juice. Memories of hot summers with sweet fruits picked right from the tree Suggested Mix: 6-7%
  • Epic Vanilla by Molinberry

    Molinberry Epic Vanilla

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Perfect and full of flavour Vanilla. Brilliant on it's own and as addition to many flavours. Can be treated as sweetener.  Suggested Mix: 7-9%
  • Fizzy Cola by Molinberry

    Molinberry Fizzy Cola

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Real coca cola taste. Fizzy bubbles and sweet taste is perfect for cherry blends.  Suggested Mix: 7-8% Third Party Review Sweet cola, leaning towards a Pepsi scent, you can almost smell the...
  • Funky Pineapple by Molinberry

    Molinberry Funky Pineapple

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Natural taste of exotic Pineapple. Very fresh & fruity flavour. Ideal for mixing with other flavours to make tropical blends Suggested Mix: 7-8% Third Party Review Pineapple juice, heavy...
  • Glamour Chocolate by Molinberry

    Molinberry Glamour Chocolate

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Deliciously glamour chocolate with full & rich taste perfect for dessert mixes Suggested Mix: 7-8% Third Party Review Strong and sweet, heavy German chocolate cake mix smell (Completely mixed,...
  • Green Apple by Molinberry

    Molinberry Green Apple

    $4.60 - $11.60
    A crisp green, juicy & fresh apple with tart and sour taste. The rich and full smell cultivated in moderate temperature where winter is full of rainfall and frost. Suggested Mix: 6-7%
  • Indulge Molinberry M-Line One Shot

    Molinberry Indulge One Shot

    $5.95 - $15.50
    Indulge yourself with a luxury INDULGE flavour. Masterpiece blend of gold caramel, custard vanilla and juicy Raspberry finished with incredibly sweet cocoa. Special treat for sweets lovers. Perfect...
  • Milkshake by Molinberry

    Molinberry Milkshake

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Sweet & cold! Made from milk shaken with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch. Perfect base for variety of mixes with sweet flavours, fruits like Strawberry or Banana Suggested Mix: 5%
  • Nectar Peach by Molinberry

    Molinberry Nectar Peach

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Rich and intensive Peach flavour. Taste just right from the tree. Full of juice and sweetness Suggested Mix: 6-7% Third Party Review A bushel of ripe peaches, soft and fuzzy! - Bag of fresh...
  • Nut Hazelnut by Molinberry

    Molinberry Nut Hazelnut

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Tough Hazel Nut ready for the battle. Brilliantly intensive Nut flavour perfect with cookies, vanilla & desert notes Suggested Mix: 7-8% Third Party Review Nutty, fresh hazelnut, no roasted...
  • OMG Molinberry M-Line One Shot

    Molinberry OMG One Shot

    $5.95 - $15.50
    OMG! Delicious & soft vanilla cupcake topped with cocoa milk cream finished with a hint of chocolate shake. Summer evening treat which perfectly match big clouds. Suggested Mix: 5-6% Molinberry...
  • Palm Coconut from Molinberry

    Molinberry Palm Coconut

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Natural Coconut - very clear, fresh smell & taste of the Coconut fruit right from the top of the coconut palm tree. Suggested Mix: 7-9% Third Party review Creamy, slightly husky coconut, milky...
  • Pink Raspberry from Molinberry

    Molinberry Pink Raspberry

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Pink and soft Raspberry picked early in the season to preserve its freshness and fulness of the flavour. Naturally sweet and soft Suggested Mix: 7-9%
  • Queen Grapes from Molinberry

    Molinberry Queen Grapes

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Adorable Queen Grapes. Serious taste and 100% natural flavour Suggested Mix: 6-7% Third Party Review Sweet dark grape, slight powdery scent, hint of delicate dark wine grapes, Grape Kool-Aid...
  • Red Cherry by Molinberry

    Molinberry Red Cherry

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Celebration of ripe, red & fresh Cherry. Taste of soft skin and pulp reminds the cherry compote from the childhood Suggested Mix: 6-7% Third Party Review Sweet cherry, scent of blended...
  • Shape Up Pear by Molinberry

    Molinberry Shape Up Pear

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Perfect shaped Pear. Intensive smell & taste fully concentrated to bring up the best what's in the fruit. Suggested Mix: 7-8% Third Party review Strong pear, faint banana-like scent -...
  • Shock Molinberry M-Line One Shot

    Molinberry Shock One Shot

    $5.95 - $15.50
    Don’t be in shock when you try new Molinberry SHOCK flavour. The best of strawberry juice, citrus fresh lime, seasonal forest berries and perfect blend anise & liquorice. Suggested Mix:...
  • Soft Banana by Molinberry

    Molinberry Soft Banana

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Delicious Banana fruit. Soft, gentle and very sweet Suggested Mix: 6-8% Third Party Review I am very impressed with this banana. It still has that typical artificial banana runts note but it is...
  • Tropical Mango by Molinberry

    Molinberry Tropical Mango

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Passion Mango sweet flavour, cross between nectarine, an orange and a pineapple. Very juicy and twisted flavour, can be added to all fruit compositions Suggested Mix: 6-8%