Molinberry Tropical Mango

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Passion Mango sweet flavour, cross between nectarine, an orange and a pineapple. Very juicy and twisted flavour, can be added to all fruit compositions

Suggested Mix: 6-8%

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1 Review

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    Nice fresh mango fruit.

    Posted by Mayan Amiezer on 10th Feb 2019

    This flavour was sent to me by for the purpose of this review
    Tropical Mango (MB) Single Flavour Tested at 6%
    Knuckle test: This has a sweet perfume scent it is not a clear mango smell, just some sort of sweet fruit perfume.
    When you first mix this it almost tastes like mango puree with hint of floral notes. Very ripe and creamy mango mouthful. I don't think this stands out on its own, might be ideal as a secondary mango flavour for fruit smoothies or to add body to a mango mix. This is a smooth mango and definitely not a greet tart type of mango flavour. Not a candy mango either. The flavour is not super intense.
    After the juice is fully blended it is very aromatic and tastes like a fresh juicy mango. You will not taste mango skin or overly ripe sickening sweet mango syrup.
    I have tested several other mangoes and this is one of my favourites, in a mix with other mango it will blend into the background.
    As a standalone, I find it will need support and some added sweetness. The flavour is not diverse enough to my liking but it would be great to use as a mango back note to a milkshake or tropical mix where you don’t want the mango sitting offensively at the front.

    As a single flavour I would mix this at 10% and would add 0.5% sweetener. As a secondary flavour I would use this at 4-6%.
    Would be great in tropical mixes, ice creames or smoothies.

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