Molinberry Shape Up Pear

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Perfect shaped Pear. Intensive smell & taste fully concentrated to bring up the best what's in the fruit.

Suggested Mix: 7-8%

Third Party review

Strong pear, faint banana-like scent - Sweet soft pear, fresh fruit not candy

Fresh! Smooth and sweet, this is a great representation of a fresh pear! The overall flavour is very natural tasting, you can taste the fruit pulp and a little bit of the pear skin as well. I imagine this would be good for some at 5% or lower possibly, while others may enjoy it strong at 8-10%. I think this could easily be used as a base for a multi-fruit mix, desserts like a danish, and would probably be good in some alcohol drinks types too.

Recommended mix - 5-8%

Overall Rating - 8/10 - Awesome fresh pear, if you enjoy pears then I suggest picking up a bottle of Shape Up Pear to add to your collection!

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