Molinberry Red Cherry

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Celebration of ripe, red & fresh Cherry. Taste of soft skin and pulp reminds the cherry compote from the childhood

Suggested Mix: 6-7%

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Sweet cherry, scent of blended cherries (meaning multiple types, and blender/food processor), faint hit of cherry skin - Light cherry, tad on the dark side

Light taste of fruity cherry pulp, or maybe ground up cherries ready for making a pie or preserves. This is a very fresh fruit type flavour, no candy or added sweetness here, only freshness! Also, no cough syrup here like many others tend to lean towards! I'm thinking this would probably be good in a multi-juice mix, or a dessert type flavour, and would probably also go great mixed light with pipe-like or other tobaccos.

Recommended mix - 6%-10% light/stronger - Steeping isn't required for this flavour, but a good 1-2 weeks will round it out.

Overall Rating - 5.5/10 - I've had better, and much worse, overall this is pretty good but it's just not the cherry type I prefer when looking for cherry taste. Cherries are a tough one as there is many cherry flavour variants and we all will have our likes and dislikes. You've got to try them all though to find the perfect cherry for each of your recipes, and of course, you need a few that you prefer for different types of mixes too. Give it a shot, this may be the one you are looking for to use in one of your mixes.

This is also Pippa's from DIY DOWNUNDER on Facebook's favourite cherry flavour

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1 Review

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    Yummy candy easy as sweet cherry

    Posted by Mayan Amiezer on 10th Feb 2019

    This flavour was sent to me by for the purpose of this review.

    Red Cheery (MB) Single flavour testing 3%
    Knuckle test: This smells like artificial cherry. It has a mild plasticky after sent. It has hints of floral notes. It smells like tart cherry but also reminds me or maraschino cherries.
    When first mixed Blissfully, this has zero medicinal aftertaste. I love cherry so much and this is one of the best cherries out there in my opinion. Sweet fleshy ripe cherry the ripeness almost brings it to the candied cherry realm but not quite.
    After a week, the flavour became more candy. On the inhale you get candy cherry and on the exhale it almost feels like biting into a crust of a ripe cherry. This is not a super potent concentrate and it will be hard to use as a main note zero aftertaste zero floral notes.
    Shines brighter at higher wattage.
    Mix at 3-5% steep for 5-7 days.
    I reckon it will fit nicely in a bakery type recipe. Or with glamour chocolate / cookie bite for that black forest type mix. You could mix this with watermelon candy or gummy candy. Cola for a cherry cola mix. This will also work well with ice cream. You could also mix this with brandy.
    Everybody say; “Yayyyyyy cherries!”

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