Molinberry Queen Grapes

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Adorable Queen Grapes. Serious taste and 100% natural flavour

Suggested Mix: 6-7%

Third Party Review

Sweet dark grape, slight powdery scent, hint of delicate dark wine grapes, Grape Kool-Aid with subtle darker hints of mysteriousness

Right after mixing this had a strong flavour profile of dark high quality wine grapes, so I expected that would remain as it steeped, but sadly that faded away. Maybe mixed stronger those notes would remain, I'll have to try that soon and update this afterward! After a few weeks steep, this turned into a light refreshing Kool-Aid type of grape flavour, it's not overly sweet, nor dry, and the flavour profile is not the same taste as grape gum or grape icicles

Recommended mix - 6% for a lighter flavour if mixing, 8-10% for stronger dominant flavour. I think this would mix well with other fruits, vanillas and creams, cola, mint and menthol, alcohol based drinks, lemonades, and "gummy" flavourings. This flavour is good fresh, and changes when steeped into a different flavour. If you love grapes try it fresh and aged 2-3 weeks, to experience both flavour profiles.

Overall Rating - 7/10 - Seems like the perfect all-around grape mixer, I can see it mixing with so many other flavours!

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