Molinberry Palm Coconut 10ml

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Natural Coconut - very clear, fresh smell & taste of the Coconut fruit right from the top of the coconut palm tree.

Suggested Mix: 7-9%

Third Party review

Creamy, slightly husky coconut, milky sweet background tones, Slight woody, and creamy coconut, a dreamy soft scent

This is a smooth coconut, not dry and not overly sweetened (If at all). It is slightly creamy, but not "waxy" or artificial tasting like many end up tasting. There's a very minor background note that seems slightly woody, bringing coconut husks to your mind, it's not invading the flavour profile but more like adding to it making it a perfectly balanced and realistic natural coconut flavour.

Recommended mix - 7-10% - Would be a perfect addition to any Pina colada drink mix, and I'm sure it would blend perfectly with many tropical fruits or other alcohol based drinks. I can also see it making a great addition in many bakery recipes, as well as mixing nicely with chocolates, vanillas, and tobaccos. Steep at least 1-2 weeks, this lets the intended flavour profile come forward and blends it all together smoothly.

Overall Rating - 7.5/10 - Very realistic flavour, a little on the unsweetened side for me but that's easily adjusted.

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