Molinberry Nut Hazelnut 10ml

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Tough Hazel Nut ready for the battle. Brilliantly intensive Nut flavour perfect with cookies, vanilla & desert notes

Suggested Mix: 7-8%

Third Party Review

Nutty, fresh hazelnut, no roasted aspect, Fresh unroasted hazelnut

This is a fresh, unadulterated hazelnut flavour, very true to the name and just like eating one out right out of the shell. It's not harsh, I'd classify it as very smooth actually. There isn't too much more to elaborate on about this flavour, everyone knows the taste and this one is spot on fresh hazelnut right out of the uncracked bowl of nuts everyone encounters on random coffee tables. Being so fresh, I feel it at least needs some salt, it's too bad we can't easily get a straight salty flavour into our mixes (Maybe chicken ha!). I'd love to see a roasted or toasted hazelnut from Molinberry!

Recommended mix - 6-8% - This would mix perfectly with chocolates, vanillas, coffees, cookies and other desserts. Steep at least 1-2 weeks so the flavour can round itself out.

Overall Rating - 8/10 - True realistic flavour, and it's easy to work with

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