Molinberry Nectar Peach

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Rich and intensive Peach flavour. Taste just right from the tree. Full of juice and sweetness

Suggested Mix: 6-7%

Third Party Review

A bushel of ripe peaches, soft and fuzzy! - Bag of fresh peaches from the local farmers market!

Soft and succulent, providing a mouthful of fresh peach flesh enveloped with fuzzy peach skin. This is moderately sweet, I would class it as a natural sweetness that isn't cloying. This does not travel into the peach schnapps territory like some of the "Juicy Peach" flavours from other vendors tend to remind me of, it's as strong and full flavoured as those types, but never reaches that level to reminding me of drinking schnapps as a teenager. Would make a great fruit mixer, or would be a perfect base for a fruit dessert such as danish, cakes, or even milkshakes.

Recommended mix - 6-8% 

Overall Rating - 9/10 - This peach is rockin!

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