Molinberry Indulge One Shot

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Indulge yourself with a luxury INDULGE flavour. Masterpiece blend of gold caramel, custard vanilla and juicy Raspberry finished with incredibly sweet cocoa. Special treat for sweets lovers. Perfect with ice cream, cookies and other gourmet flavours

Suggested Mix: 4%

Molinberry M-Line is a top of the range one shot concentrate 

What’s M-line?

M-line is a unique range of complex ONE SHOT flavours composed of various notes that make perfect and ready to mix formulas.

Cool and refreshing blends, pampering fruit compositions and creamy mixtures.

This line will take you on a journey of discovery, to craft your own premium mixtures using range of blended concentrates.

M-line guarantees variety of diverse experiences with each drop. 

Third Party Review

Indulge is part of the Molin Berry M-line that are meant to serve as "One shot" concentrates. Spoiler, it's good. Overall a great blend of raspberry, caramel, vanilla and cream/custard. The top note is a sweet, fresh and earthy raspberry (very authentic) - it is light in texture but big on flavour. The base of the recipe is described to be a creamy caramel but I almost get a creamy butterscotch, almost like those creamy butterscotch hard candies (minus the hard candy). The raspberry and caramel is accented with a light, non-descript vanilla with a hint of cream/custard. Very well balanced and great to use as a single flavour

Suggested Single Flavor Use Rate: 6 - 8%

Steep time: 5 - 7 days

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