Molinberry Glamour Chocolate

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Deliciously glamour chocolate with full & rich taste perfect for dessert mixes

Suggested Mix: 7-8%

Third Party Review

Strong and sweet, heavy German chocolate cake mix smell (Completely mixed, ready to pour), little but of the hot cocoa/pudding mentioned below.

German chocolate cake mix, powdered pudding mix, hot cocoa mix, slight nutty hint in the background. Fantastic scent!!!

This may be the best chocolate flavouring I've ever smelled, tasted or used, and it's ready right away! That's especially true when we're talking stand alone flavouring without adding in any vanilla's, butters, creams, chocolates, etc. The main flavour I get from this by itself is just as I described the scent above, a mixture between a German chocolate cake and hot cocoa powder, with a hint of a dollop of pudding mixed in there somewhere. Best chocolate ever, and that's a tough one for vaping as many of you are already well aware of. I'm sure this will mix nicely into many different types of chocolates once you add butter, vanillas, creams, ect depending on what you are looking to transform it into. By itself it's very good, but you immediately know it has so much more potential once you start thinking about mixing it with other flavours.

Recommended mix - 6-10% - Light or strong, this flavour is easy to use in mixes and leaves a pleasant nutty chocolate room note too! Extended steeping is not required for this flavour, but will round out the profile a little bit and change into a pink hue, but it's at 95% full flavour right after mixing so you don't have to wait!

Overall Rating - 9.5/10 - Best chocolate ever! It's great by itself, but there's so much potential here you should try it in many different mixes! This would be great mixed into any type of chocolate vape, other dessert vapes, coffees, tobacco's, etc. This chocolate is full of win with a very fitting namesake! Grab a bottle now, you can thank me later!

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1 Review

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    Sweet like chocolate! You give me so much joy

    Posted by Mayan Amiezer on 10th Feb 2019

    This flavour was sent to me by for the purpose of this review
    Glamour Chocolate (MB) Single flavour testing at 5%
    Knuckle test: This smells like chocolate syrup. Rich and smooth chocolate syrup. Unlike FA Chocolate, this does not have any harsh or dry notes, it has a nutty back note almost reminds me of chocolate ice cream.
    This was incredibly tasty straight up. It tasted like sweet chocolate mousse. The flavour was very rich on the inhale, almost tasted like chocolate cake. On the exhale it tasted like chocolate frosting. Zero after taste just utter deliciousness!
    After a week: Chocolate. Give me chocolate. I would like even more chocolate now. Thank you, this will do...!!! :D

    At higher wattage you can taste a touch of vanilla giving this vape a more of a chocolate cake on the inhale. At slightly lower wattage you will get more of a syrup vibe as the vape gets cooler. Would I mix this with WS-23 for a chocolate ice-cream simple e-juice? Hell to the yeah.

    I would recommend mixing this at 5-8% as a standalone or at 3.5-5% as a secondary. Recommended steep time: 2-5 days.
    I would mix this with nuts, cookies or creams or fresh strawberries / cherries. Basically, anything you would add chocolate to. Add this to a milkshake and you will get a malty chocolate milkshake flavour.

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