Molinberry Funky Pineapple

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Natural taste of exotic Pineapple. Very fresh & fruity flavour. Ideal for mixing with other flavours to make tropical blends

Suggested Mix: 7-8%

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Pineapple juice, heavy sweetness with a funky tart finish

Look out Hangsen and Inawera Shisha Pineapples, there's a new contender entering the ring, and I feel it's going to be an easy KO this round!!! Right from the get-go this is a super fresh and stout pineapple, mixed with a heavy dose of sweet pineapple juice, and finally finished off with a blast of funk that makes me think this must be what it's like to breath in a huge stockroom of pineapples in varying stages of ripeness. Unlike many other pineapples I've tried in the past, Molinberry Funky Pineapple's flavour does NOT fade away! Insanely impressive flavour that lasts and lasts, this flavour is hands-down a huge win for any fan of pineapple!

Recommended mix - 5-10% light/very strong - I'm sure this this would mix nicely with many flavours, multi-fruit mixes, creams, drinks, etc and possibly even with menthol. It's great by itself too, love this! Extended steeping is not required for this flavour, but a few weeks will round it out some, it's good right after the first shake so no need to wait!

Overall Rating - 9.5/10 - Bam!! This will be your new favourite pineapple, and it's got plenty of funk! As soon as I took my first vape I instantly knew that I'll be ordering the big 100ml as soon as possible!! It's such a real and fresh representation of pineapple, either lightly flavoured or mixed strong I'm highly impressed! I'd give it a 12 out of 10 if the overall flavour concentration was higher!

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