MOLINBERRY Flavour Concentrates

MOLINBERRY Flavour Concentrates

Molinberry multipurpose concentrate flavours are made in Poland and distributed worldwide

They aim for the best product produced from the best source of ingredients. They are passionate about new flavours, new solutions for customers which can also be implemented within their company. 

The highest product quality guarantee perfect smell, taste and colour of flavour. Perfect concentration with the same level of taste and smell intensity. The wide range of flavours offered allow them to create perfect compositions individually designed for customers.

Purchased in bulk and rebottled by Flavour World

Complex creation of truly well balanced flavouring. 



  • American Bubble Gum by Molinberry

    Molinberry American Bubble Gum

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Bubble Gum like the one tried in old days. Perfect for twisted mixing, Amazing Flavour Suggested Mix: 7-10% Third Party Review Amazing, I would have never imagined enjoying a plain bubble gum flavour, but this really hits the sweet spot!! This is the...
  • Big Watermelon by Molinberry

    Molinberry Big Watermelon

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Big & fresh watermelon fruit from the market. Very juicy and sweet flavour Suggested Mix: 6-8% Third Party Review Big Watermelon is a very interesting flavour! I love the sweetness that the higher flavouring percentages brings to the table,...
  • Blueberry by Molinberry

    Molinberry Blueberry

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Full of vitamin C, blue, round and amazingly delicious. It’s BLUEBERRY! Great couple with creams, forest fruits, custards & candy blends Suggested Mix: 7%
  • Boom! Molinberry M-Line One Shot

    Molinberry Boom! One Shot

    $5.95 - $15.50
     Fruity bomb! The best of seasonal red fruits, including out INSANE STRAWBERRY combined with juicy, sweet and unreal handsome WATERMELON. Perfect flavour Suggested Mix: 6-7% Molinberry M-Line is a top of the range one shot concentrate and is very...
  • Bounty Molinberry M-Line One Shot

    Molinberry Bounty One Shot

    $5.95 - $15.50
    Coconut cookie style with smooth hazelnut chocolate bits. Full rich flavour makes perfect snack  Suggested Mix: 6% Molinberry M-Line is a top of the range one shot concentrate and is very expensive and high in demand. What’s M-line? M-line...
  • Cheesecake by Molinberry

    Molinberry Cheesecake

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Delicious cheesecake flavour almost like legendary New York style. Creamy, very smooth and rich piece of pleasure. Ideal for blends with fruits, chocolate’s, creams. Suggested Mix:7-9%
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     Cookie Bite Molinberry M-Line One Shot

    Molinberry Cookie Bite One Shot

    Reach in every bite: Belgian chocolate, cocoa beans & milky biscuit one of Molinberry top sellers, this comes in its original 10ml Packaging as Molinberry do not sell this in bulk sizes Suggested Mix: 6-8% Molinberry M-Line is a top of the...
  • Custard by Molinberry

    Molinberry Custard

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Creamy & soft custard full of realistic vanilla beans sitting inside of each bottle. Truly sweet, delicate at times, easily to fall in love with Suggested Mix: 7-8% Third Party Review Considering this flavouring does not contain any diacetyl,...
  • Eden Apple from Molinberry

    Molinberry Eden Apple

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Hand picked Eden apple, crushed into fresh juice. Memories of hot summers with sweet fruits picked right from the tree Suggested Mix: 6-7%
  • Epic Vanilla by Molinberry

    Molinberry Epic Vanilla

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Perfect and full of flavour Vanilla. Brilliant on it's own and as addition to many flavours. Can be treated as sweetener.  Suggested Mix: 7-9%
  • Fizzy Cola by Molinberry

    Molinberry Fizzy Cola

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Real coca cola taste. Fizzy bubbles and sweet taste is perfect for cherry blends.  Suggested Mix: 7-8% Third Party Review Sweet cola, leaning towards a Pepsi scent, you can almost smell the effervescence!This is a very enjoyable take on cola! I...
  • Funky Pineapple by Molinberry

    Molinberry Funky Pineapple

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Natural taste of exotic Pineapple. Very fresh & fruity flavour. Ideal for mixing with other flavours to make tropical blends Suggested Mix: 7-8% Third Party Review Pineapple juice, heavy sweetness with a funky tart finishLook out Hangsen and...
  • Glamour Chocolate by Molinberry

    Molinberry Glamour Chocolate

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Deliciously glamour chocolate with full & rich taste perfect for dessert mixes Suggested Mix: 7-8% Third Party Review Strong and sweet, heavy German chocolate cake mix smell (Completely mixed, ready to pour), little but of the hot cocoa/pudding...
  • Green Apple by Molinberry

    Molinberry Green Apple

    $4.60 - $11.60
    A crisp green, juicy & fresh apple with tart and sour taste. The rich and full smell cultivated in moderate temperature where winter is full of rainfall and frost. Suggested Mix: 6-7%
  • Indulge Molinberry M-Line One Shot

    Molinberry Indulge One Shot

    $5.95 - $15.50
    Indulge yourself with a luxury INDULGE flavour. Masterpiece blend of gold caramel, custard vanilla and juicy Raspberry finished with incredibly sweet cocoa. Special treat for sweets lovers. Perfect with ice cream, cookies and other gourmet...
  • Milkshake by Molinberry

    Molinberry Milkshake

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Sweet & cold! Made from milk shaken with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch. Perfect base for variety of mixes with sweet flavours, fruits like Strawberry or Banana Suggested Mix: 5%
  • Nectar Peach by Molinberry

    Molinberry Nectar Peach

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Rich and intensive Peach flavour. Taste just right from the tree. Full of juice and sweetness Suggested Mix: 6-7% Third Party Review A bushel of ripe peaches, soft and fuzzy! - Bag of fresh peaches from the local farmers market!Soft and...
  • Nut Hazelnut by Molinberry

    Molinberry Nut Hazelnut

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Tough Hazel Nut ready for the battle. Brilliantly intensive Nut flavour perfect with cookies, vanilla & desert notes Suggested Mix: 7-8% Third Party Review Nutty, fresh hazelnut, no roasted aspect, Fresh unroasted hazelnutThis is a fresh,...
  • OMG Molinberry M-Line One Shot

    Molinberry OMG One Shot

    $5.95 - $15.50
    OMG! Delicious & soft vanilla cupcake topped with cocoa milk cream finished with a hint of chocolate shake. Summer evening treat which perfectly match big clouds. Suggested Mix: 5-6% Molinberry M-Line is a top of the range one shot concentrate and...
  • Palm Coconut from Molinberry

    Molinberry Palm Coconut

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Natural Coconut - very clear, fresh smell & taste of the Coconut fruit right from the top of the coconut palm tree. Suggested Mix: 7-9% Third Party review Creamy, slightly husky coconut, milky sweet background tones, Slight woody, and creamy...
  • Pink Raspberry from Molinberry

    Molinberry Pink Raspberry

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Pink and soft Raspberry picked early in the season to preserve its freshness and fulness of the flavour. Naturally sweet and soft Suggested Mix: 7-9%
  • Queen Grapes from Molinberry

    Molinberry Queen Grapes

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Adorable Queen Grapes. Serious taste and 100% natural flavour Suggested Mix: 6-7% Third Party Review Sweet dark grape, slight powdery scent, hint of delicate dark wine grapes, Grape Kool-Aid with subtle darker hints of mysteriousnessRight after...
  • Red Cherry by Molinberry

    Molinberry Red Cherry

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Celebration of ripe, red & fresh Cherry. Taste of soft skin and pulp reminds the cherry compote from the childhood Suggested Mix: 6-7% Third Party Review Sweet cherry, scent of blended cherries (meaning multiple types, and blender/food processor),...
  • Shape Up Pear by Molinberry

    Molinberry Shape Up Pear

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Perfect shaped Pear. Intensive smell & taste fully concentrated to bring up the best what's in the fruit. Suggested Mix: 7-8% Third Party review Strong pear, faint banana-like scent - Sweet soft pear, fresh fruit not candyFresh! Smooth and...
  • Shock Molinberry M-Line One Shot

    Molinberry Shock One Shot

    $5.95 - $15.50
    Don’t be in shock when you try new Molinberry SHOCK flavour. The best of strawberry juice, citrus fresh lime, seasonal forest berries and perfect blend anise & liquorice. Suggested Mix: 5-7% Molinberry M-Line is a top of the range one shot...
  • Soft Banana by Molinberry

    Molinberry Soft Banana

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Delicious Banana fruit. Soft, gentle and very sweet Suggested Mix: 6-8% Third Party Review I am very impressed with this banana. It still has that typical artificial banana runts note but it is much more subdued that with all the other banana...
  • Tropical Mango by Molinberry

    Molinberry Tropical Mango

    $4.60 - $11.60
    Passion Mango sweet flavour, cross between nectarine, an orange and a pineapple. Very juicy and twisted flavour, can be added to all fruit compositions Suggested Mix: 6-8%