Molinberry Fizzy Cola

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Real coca cola taste. Fizzy bubbles and sweet taste is perfect for cherry blends. 

Suggested Mix: 7-8%

Third Party Review

Sweet cola, leaning towards a Pepsi scent, you can almost smell the effervescence!

This is a very enjoyable take on cola! I get a sweet cola, nearly Pepsi in flavour, and you can taste and feel the fizzy bubbly as it's named! Finally, a cola with some fizz!! This reminds me of the famous INA Cola (Red), but with added fizz. It's not anywhere near that strong though, it's too bad too because this is a great flavour, but the other has it's disadvantages too, so maybe a good mix of these is in order! Extreme cola fans should mix this starting around 10% at least, probably 12-15% would be a better suggestion to really get the flavour flowing

Recommended mix - 8-12% + - Extended steeping is not required, nor does it change things very much, rounds out the sweetness a little bit but no drastic changes. The suggested 7% starting point, to me, was very weak, light flavoured you may enjoy that lower % but I doubt many would. I suggest 10% or above as a starting point. Would be great mixed with your favourite cherry, or with your favourite rum / bourbon as well.

Overall Rating - 7.5/10 - In general it's a great flavour, but overall this is a very weak concentrate. The concentration needs to be reconsidered, to get good flavour you have to use way too much flavouring on this one compared to many other cola flavourings. I'd give this a 9.5/10 if the concentration was much stronger!

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1 Review

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    Tastes like cola gummy bears

    Posted by Mayan Amiezer on 10th Feb 2019

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    Fizzy Cola (MB) Single flavour testing at 5%
    Knuckle test: Smelled potent!! This is one of the MB flavours to really smell artificial and I know what you are thinking, it's not like Cola is wholesome and organic. This sniff test reminds me of cola chewing gum and Cola gummy candy. It also reminds me of Cola sour candy.

    When I first mixed this, flavours were not fully developed. It tasted artificial and was not super sweet or overly caramel / vanilla. Bitter cola gummy bears.

    After a week, the flavour was fully developed and did not taste bitter at all!

    Other than that, continued to taste like cola gummies / sour cola snakes minus the sour.

    I would recommend using this at 5-6% as a standalone or at 3% as a secondary. would mix this with vanilla or cherry to make cherry cola or vanilla cola, with cream for creaming soda (or spider sauce) or with bubble gum for bubblegum cola. I would add 0.5% sweetener as a personal preference.

    I would recommend to let this steep for at least 5-7 days.

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