Molinberry Custard

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Creamy & soft custard full of realistic vanilla beans sitting inside of each bottle. Truly sweet, delicate at times, easily to fall in love with

Suggested Mix: 7-8%

Third Party Review

Considering this flavouring does not contain any diacetyl, I am very impressed with the texture and body of this flavouring. It has a nice thick vanilla body (not CAP VC V1 thick, but still very good) and has super smooth texture. It resembles a flambe-type custard more than a traditional custard. It has no egginess and the vanilla is very light which, to me, it the best bit. I often find the vanilla note in some of the other custards distracting and limiting as you are sort of stuck with it. This flavouring will allow you to add whatever vanilla you choose and shape the custard exactly like you want it.

Suggested Single Flavor Use Rate: 5 - 8%


Steep time: 7 -10 days

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