Molinberry Cookie Bite One Shot

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Reach in every bite: Belgian chocolate, cocoa beans & milky biscuit one of Molinberry top sellers

Suggested Mix: 6-8%

Molinberry M-Line is a top of the range one shot concentrate

What’s M-line?

M-line is a unique range of complex ONE SHOT flavours composed of various notes that make perfect and ready to mix formulas.

Cool and refreshing blends, pampering fruit compositions and creamy mixtures.

This line will take you on a journey of discovery, to craft your own premium mixtures using range of blended concentrates.

M-line guarantees variety of diverse experiences with each drop. 

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2 Reviews

  • 5
    Perfect Cookie

    Posted by Jeremy J on 27th Feb 2019

    It really does taste like I just had a big bite of freshly baked cookie.... Delish

  • 5
    Chock Cookie dough anyone?? Yes please!

    Posted by Mayan Amiezer on 10th Feb 2019

    This flavour was sent to me by for the purpose of this review
    Cookie Bite (MB) Single flavour testing at 4%
    Knuckle test: Chocolate cookie dough with a hint of a vanilla essense and sugary crunchy cookie crust. This is a very different profile to FA cookie which smells like a dry vanilla butter biscuit or even INW biscuit which smells like a chewy white cookie. The Molinberry cookie smells like a chocolate cookie with white and milk chocolate chunks sitting in a gooey cookie dough base. Chewy! :D
    When I first mixed this I got hints of vanilla essence on the inhale and cookie dough and powdered sugar on the exhale but the flavours were not very cohesive. Mind, the taste was super delicious.
    After a week I got more of a chewy chocolate chip cookie feel. This cookie is chocolate base and not vanilla base. Hints of vanilla essence chewy are there but this is a chocolate chip cookie dough flavour. At lower wattage (25 watts) you will get more dough than chocolate at higher watts (40+ watts) you will get more touches of vanilla and chocolate. This is super pleasant and smooth. Powdered Sugar on the exhale. No harsh notes. This flavour did not fade or change with time.
    I would recommend mixing at 8-10% as a standalone or at 5-6% as a secondary. Allow 5-7 days to fully develop.

    Mixing suggestions:
    I am inclined to add sweetener and fortify the cookie towards the chocolate side with extra FA chocolate and Molinberry glamour chocolate. This is an excellent chocolate cookie base. You can mix this with milk / cream for a cookies and cream feel or with some vanilla to give it a different cookie flavour. You can fortify the chocolate or the cookie crust with additional cookie / chocolate complimentary flavours but truthfully it is probably the best as a standalone.

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