Molinberry Big Watermelon

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Big & fresh watermelon fruit from the market. Very juicy and sweet flavour

Suggested Mix: 6-8%

Third Party Review

Big Watermelon is a very interesting flavour! I love the sweetness that the higher flavouring percentages brings to the table, it's a candy-like sweet, almost cotton candy like but nothing like you'd expect if you're thinking EM smell/flavour. While EM smell and flavour does remind you of cotton candy, and does taste and smell like it, it's not quite 100% true to the flavour. With Big Watermelon at higher percentages you can taste a real cotton candy type flavour in there, it's very intriguing to taste , wish I had some in a bottle as an alternative to EM because I think that would be a much better flavour to use opposed to EM when needing to round flavours out with a little mouth-feel and sweetness. This flavour aspect stays on your lips and in your mouth for a while, it's a interesting and tasty effect!

At lower percentages this flavour tastes like a fresh bowl of watermelon water/juice, it's very refreshing and has NO taste of rind like many other watermelon flavours tend to have. As you increase the flavouring levels it turns into a much sweeter candy like watermelon flavour, not Jolly Rancher like, but much more of a fresh "candied" flavour instead of actually being an over-sweetened artificial candy flavour like you'd get with a Jolly Rancher.

Recommended mix - 5-9% (Light fruity side <-> fresh candied fruit side) Extended steeping is not required for this flavour, but will round it out and smooth it over some

Overall Rating - 9/10 - This is great by itself, and I'm sure would be great in many fruit flavoured mixes. I bet it would be great in tea or florals, and perfect for alcohol type mixes too! Be bold, try it with mints and menthols!

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1 Review

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    My Dream: Candy Watermelon that tastes amazing

    Posted by Mayan Amiezer on 10th Feb 2019

    This flavour was sent to me by for the purpose of this review
    Big Watermelon (MB) Single Flavour Tested at 5%
    Knuckle test: This smells like candy watermelon. Like old school Hubba bubba watermelon bubble gum
    When you first mix this, it has a hint of candy and a lot of rind.
    After a week the mix becomes much sweeter. Very strong watermelon candy sweet and delicious. Fantastic candy. No sour or bitter notes. I tastes a bit of green watermelon candy notes on the exhale but not an actual bitter green skin. Very smooth sweet candy watermelon flavour.

    Recommended to mix at 6-8% as a standalone or at 2.5-5% as a secondary flavour. Steep for 5-7 days.

    Mixing suggestions:
    You could mix this with other melons or watermelon, mint, lime, lemon, for a sweet drink type mix or with strawberry and kiwi for a more candy mix. Bubble-gum or gummy / jelly candy are other options I would go for as candy enhancers. I would not mix this with custard or cream as I think candy recipe is where this shines best.

    This is super pleasant to vape as a standalone. No need for added sweetener.

    Thank you to FlavourWorld for the opportunity to test this flavour.

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