Molinberry American Bubble Gum

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Bubble Gum like the one tried in old days. Perfect for twisted mixing, Amazing Flavour

Suggested Mix: 7-10%

Third Party Review

Amazing, I would have never imagined enjoying a plain bubble gum flavour, but this really hits the sweet spot!! This is the first gum based vape I've ever tasted, and it's mouth-wateringly great!! It tastes just like a huge mouthful of freshly chewed pink bubble gum, those first few minutes of chewing a few sticks where it's still super sweet and makes your mouth drip saliva. It's fairly sweet, so I doubt anyone would need to add sweetener, and I'm sure this would mix with many fruit flavours.

Recommended mix - 8-12 light/strong - Extended steeping is not needed for this flavour. Great by itself, but surely would mix with other flavours perfectly too. If you get this try it straight first at 10%, hopefully that will be amazing for you as it's been for me!

Overall Rating - 9.5/10 - Bold and extremely flavourful, it's mouth-watering and I suggest everyone try it at least once!

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2 Reviews

  • 4
    Strong bubblegum

    Posted by Damien Barry on 16th Jun 2019

    Awesome strong bubblegum flavour

  • 4
    Great pink bubblegum flavour

    Posted by Mayan Amiezer on 10th Feb 2019

    This flavour was sent to me by for the purpose of this review.

    American Bubblegum (MB) Single Flavour Tested at 5%

    Remember those big gumball round candy machines? The bubble-gum was this huge ball it was sherbet almost powdery dry gum and your jaw would hurt after tackling one of those beasts that were bigger than your mouth because you were a small child. Get ready for a blast from the past because that is exactly what this smells like. This is aromatic bubble-gum including the weird hard crust round bubble-gum have.
    When you first mix this, it tastes like pink bubble gum. At 5% there is a bit of harshness to it but it is mild. This is a fruity bubble gum that is a cross between blueberry strawberry and just pure candy delightfulness. On the inhale you take in the fruity flavours on the exhale you get that gummy mouth-fill pink bubble gum from yonder years.
    After you let this mix sit for a bit it will taste more fruit-chewy and less powdery, I almost feel like I should chew my mouth as I inhale. This is not overwhelmingly sweet or a super candy flavour. At lower wattage you will get more of the chewing gum mouth fill, at higher wattage you will get a more fruity flavour. This profile stayed consistent and did not fade after a month.
    Single flavour recommendation: 3-4%. Steep time: 5 days.
    As a personal preference I will probably add 0.5% sweetener if used as standalone.
    You can mix this flavour with any fruity to turn it into a bubble gum juice. I think it will go well with watermelon or cherry candy flavours, strawberry or even lemon, lime, or any fruit that you enjoy vaping. This and Molinberry Fizzy Cola would also make a great combo simple mix that would work fabulously at a 1:1 ratio.

    Thank you to FlavourWorld for the opportunity to test this flavour.

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