Lamington - June 2020 Winner

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The winner for June 2020 is a long awaited recipe, very complex, Lamington

You will receive 1 x 10mls ( 10 in Total ) of the following concentrates, simply use the below percentages mixed with your choice of VGPG, this will make slightly over 250mls purchase another Strawberry Ripe and make 500mls and still have concentrates left over

0.50% Chocolate Fudge Brownie v2 (CAP)
1.00% Coconut (Coco, Cocco) (FA)
2.00% Double Chocolate v2 (CAP)
2.50% Fluffy White Cake (SC) (WF)
1.00% French Vanilla (CAP)
1.50% King / RE (Pazzo) (FA)
4.00% Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
0.50% Super Sweet (CAP)
2.00% Sweet Strawberry Original (CAP)
2.00% Whipped Cream (TPA


An Aussie Australian Icon Dessert!

This lovely sponge cake centered with jam & cream, then soaked in chocolate syrup and dusted with desiccated coconut is a delicious staple for almost any Australian, and has been for many generations.
We have put together the best ideas from the brains trust into this delicious recipe for you all to enjoy.

Allow 7 days steep for the most delicious results


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