INAWERA Flavour Concentrates

INAWERA Flavour Concentrates

Inawera is home to many delicious and unique flavours and their natural flavourings are so close to the real thing it's hard to tell the difference! Inawera is excellent for aroma, and easy to mix with, as its natural flavour profiles makes it difficult to have the flavour be overpowering.

Inawera Concentrates are purchased in bulk and rebottled by Flavour World

Mix at 3% to 8%

  • Biscuit Concentrate by Inawera

    INAWERA Biscuit

    $4.75 - $12.30
    It’s simple, it’s a classic, and its rich flavour and subtle sweetness can now be yours all day long with Biscuit by Inawera. Vape with Biscuit all day long for a calming sweet sensation, or complement its flavour with confection or cream...
  • Cactus Concentrate by Inawera

    INAWERA Cactus

    $4.75 - $11.75
    It’s difficult to describe the unique sweet-tart taste of Cactus by Inawera. All we can really do is tell you that it is delicious. If you like fruit juice flavours in your e-liquid, we strongly recommend trying Cactus as an all-day vaping flavour...
  • Cocopilada Concentrate by Inawera

    INAWERA Cocopilada

    Do you love the taste of Pina Coladas? We do, too, which is why Inawera’s Cocopilada flavour is so curious, and so satisfying. With its rich, creamy texture and its mildly tart fruit flavour, what really stands out is the taste of coconuts. Vape...
  • Mango Concentrate by Inawera

    INAWERA Mango

    $4.75 - $8.50
    Can anything taste more delicious than a fresh, sweet, and succulent Mango in your DIY e-liquid recipe? For a taste of the tropics, Inawera's Mango is among the best. We recommend vaping with Mango as part of your own unique tropical fruit e-liquid blend.
  • Peach Concentrate by Inawera

    INAWERA Peach

    $4.75 - $11.75
    When you vape with a peach flavour, it's all about the aroma, and Inawera's Peach flavour has aroma in spades. Juicy and sweet, as if you're biting into a fresh juicy peach, Inawera's Peach flavour makes for a refreshing all-day vape. Alternatively,...
  • Raspberry Concentrate by Inawera

    INAWERA Raspberry

    $4.75 - $11.75
    The best thing about this delicious Raspberry flavour by Inawera is that you won't be pricking yourself on any thorns. With its delicious combination of sweet and tart flavours and a juicy aftertaste, Raspberry makes for a rich fruit flavour in your...
  • Strawberry Concentrate by Inawera

    INAWERA Strawberry

    $4.75 - $11.75
    Sweet and juicy, this legendary Strawberry flavour by Inawera is something you're going to want to stop and savour. Vape with Strawberry by itself in your next DIY fruit e-liquid for the perfect Strawberry experience, or combine it with dessert, fruit,...
  • Wild Strawberry Concentrate by Inawera

    INAWERA Wild Strawberry

    No modesty here. Wild Strawberry by Inawera is one of our favourite fruit flavours. For a fruit vape with a legendary floral aroma, sweet taste, and succulent finish, try using some Wild Strawberry in your next DIY e-liquid recipe