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RY4 is a long-time favourite in the vaper world.

A tobacco flavour with a hint of caramel and vanilla. RY4 is a slightly sweet flavour that is perfect for an all-day vape, and its sweetness also makes it a great base flavour for DIY mixes, where it can be used to complement dark flavours like chocolate, coffee, cola, or even desserts

Suggested Percentage start at 2.5%

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2 Reviews

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    The underdogs of RY4

    Posted by Mayan on 26th Dec 2018

    I really like FA RY4 even though I'm in the minority amongst DIY mixers when it comes to this one. This is more dry caramel than it is tobacco but it is also more temperature versatile and the flavours separate more depending on the temp you vape on. This is an effect that I love in my recipes, where if I chose a lower temp I'll get a different flavour profile compared to higher temps. I use this concentrate with custard, caramel, butterscotch and or vanilla, or in combination with other tobacco flavours. This concentrate is drier than other RY4 concentrates and I enjoy it most at 3-5% as a stand-alone. As a secondary note, I usually use it at 2-3%. I find it doesn't need long to steep, 2-3 days. (I enjoy vaping on it after a day). After a month the caramel flavour becomes richer and more developed.

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    Posted by D L on 7th Oct 2017

    Not your regular RY4 but is sweet with very nice brown sugar/baked raisins background flavor. Like when you bite the edge of baked raisins bun, to my taste anyway. Just used 2% straight, doesn't seem to need to add any other flavors.

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