FLAVOURART Blueberry Juicy Ripe

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Authenticity is the name of the game here. using this blueberry is like shoving an entire handful of plump, freshly picked Blueberries, ripe-to-the-point-of-bursting into your mouth all at once. It has a heavy, satisfying mouthfeel, for sure. Where other BB's are often light or lacking what I can only describe as a "full-spectrum" blueberry flavour, this one is certainly distinguished enough to work as its own solitary blueberry within a recipe (cakes/muffins/dairy/creams work a treat) and can work without needing too much support. That said, it pairs very nicely with a touch of FA Bilberry (0.5% or 1.0% MAX) and is a tad sweet

Suggested percentage 2-3% MAX

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