FLAVOUR ART Concentrates

FLAVOUR ART Concentrates

Produced in Italy, FlavourArt is synonymous with quality and great taste. FlavourArt has quickly become one of our best-selling lines of concentrated food-grade flavourings, made with complex blends of natural extracts, flavour compounds, and essential oils. 

FlavourArt flavourings do not contain sugars, proteins, genetically modified ingredients, animal products, preservatives, sweeteners, or colours. FlavourArt flavourings are gluten- and peanut-free, and they are great for diabetics, vegetarians, and vegans. FlavourArt uses only the safest formulas in their concentrated flavourings.

All FlavourArt concentrates are imported in bulk and bottled by Flavour World

  • 7 Leaves by FlavourArt - Concentrate

    FLAVOURART 7 Leaves Ultimate

    $5.40 - $13.50
    7 Leaves Tobacco by FlavourArt combines the best features of FlavourArt's seven most popular tobacco flavours to provide a unique tobacco experience with a slight wood taste, subdued undertones, and a hint of spice. 7 Leaves Tobacco contains aspects of...
  • Almond by FlavourArt Concentrate


    $4.80 - $10.45
    Start at 2% Sweet-almond flavour, very much like almond extract. Use it in bakery vapes, just like youäó»d use almond extract when baking. Add a little FA Nut Mix for to make it taste more like raw almonds instead of extract. If your...
  • Apple Pie by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Apple Pie

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Start at 3% This is tasty savoury pie crust with a bit of FA Apple flavour, a little creaminess, and very little spice. Excellent crust flavour in pie recipes!
  • Apple Stark FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Apple Stark

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Start at 3% Perfect for budding mixologists looking to think differently by using a sweet base flavour to turn their "apple a day" into something truly special. We recommend mixing with other fruits, or with dessert and nut flavours
  • Apricot by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Apricot

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Start at 2% This is just like a fresh, juicy, perfectly-ripe apricot with excellent, realistic flavour with just the right level of natural sweetness. Apricot blends great with other fruits. Coconut accents it well. Makes excellent apricot brandy (mix...
  • Arctic Menthol by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Arctic Menthol

    Start at 1.5% Cool down your flavours with the strong mint kick of Menthol Arctic. Use it by itself for its classic menthol taste or use it in your own unique recipe to add some strength to your tobacco, dessert, and floral DIY e-liquid recipes
  • Banana by FlavourArt  Concentrate


    $4.80 - $10.45
    Banana can be used at higher percents than many other FA fruits, up to 4-5% standalone is not unreasonable. This is most realistic, natural tasting banana flavouring you will find. Like a real banana, its not a bold flavour. This is yellow banana, not...
  • Bergamot by FlavourArt

    FLAVOURART Bergamot

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Totally accurate Bergamot flavour the fragrant, bold, floral orange in Earl Grey tea. Add to FA Black Tea to make an Earl Grey flavour. Bergamot is also the key to orange liqueur flavour, especially Grand Marnier. Just add 0.5% Bergamot to FA Orange (and...
  • Bilberry by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Bilberry

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Stronger than most FA fruits, so keep it low for best results. This is fresh-picked Bilberry flavour. They are more flavourful, a bit darker and wilder tasting than cultivated American blueberries and not as sweet. Real blueberries taste bland and watery...
  • Black Tea  by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Black Tea

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Start at 2% Some people love it and some people hate it, for those Tea overs out there this is an excellent choice! FlavourArt once again has perfected a subtle, smooth, and refreshing Tea flavour.
  • Blood Orange by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Blood Orange

    $5.30 - $14.00
    Start at 3% Enjoy the Authentic taste of delicious Blood Orange! This flavour is citrus paired with the sweet notes of blood orange with hints of zest from the peel in the finish. Blood Orange pairs very well with other citrus fruits!
  • Breakfast Cereals by Flavourart

    FLAVOURART Breakfast Cereals

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Enjoy a explosive mix of corn and grain cereal in your next DIY recipe! Breakfast Cereal from FlavourArt is good on it’s own and really shines in bakery and dessert mixes! Try this amazing flavour today!  
  • Butterscotch by FlavourArt - Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Butterscotch

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Butterscotch adds the creamy and sweet flavour we all know and love to your favourite e-liquid or DIY vape mix. Butterscotch is great alone, or as an addition to your favourite dessert, tobacco and cola recipes.
  • Caramel by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Caramel

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Caramel is sweet and creamy caramel mixture, which makes it ideal for a sweet and refreshing all-day vape. Use Caramel in a DIY e-liquid recipe mixed with creams, nuts, cola, liquors, tobacco and dessert flavours in endless combination
  • Catalan Cream by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Catalan Cream

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Catalan Cream makes a complex vape all by itself. Tobacco fans can use it to smooth bold tobacco flavours while adding a hint of sharp vanilla-caramel-citrus; the bit of spice in Catalan Cream vanishes when mixed with strong tobaccos. Excellent with...
  • Cherry by FlavourArt Concentrate


    $4.80 - $8.00
    Bring the traditional sweet and tangy flavour of cherry to your DIY e-liquid mix. Sure to fit any palette. Cherry flavour complements fruit, dessert, cola, and tobacco flavoured e-juice mixes
  • Chocolate by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Chocolate

    $4.80 - $10.45
    The rich and comforting flavour of chocolate is sure to be a big part of your DIY e-juice spice rack. This flavour is sure to enrich any of your dessert, tobacco, or soft drink e-liquid recipes. For a true connoisseur, this is an essential flavour, so be...
  • Chocolate Glazed Donut by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Chocolate Glazed Donut

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Chocolate Glazed Donut by FlavourArt is a delicious chocolate donut flavour that pairs very well in dessert and bakery type mixes The chocolate glaze that surrounds the donut: a perfect match!  Suggested percentage 2-3%  
  • Cinnamon Ceylon by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Cinnamon Ceylon

    $4.80 - $10.45
    A flavour additive that complements both sweet and rich textures. Cinnamon will surely be essential to your DIY e-liquid spice rack for its ability to complement tobacco, cream, coffee and dessert flavours.
  • Citrus Mix by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Citrus Mix

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Due to the grapefruit, it has the tartness of fresh-squeezed citrus juice. The grapefruit makes it taste fresher and livelier than other citrus mixes I've tried, which are usually just lemon and lime. It's interesting enough to enjoy as a standalone...
  • Coconut by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Coconut

    $4.80 - $10.45
    This is creamy, realistic coconut flavour like raw coconut meat/milk or coconut cream. Its the same level of sweetness as genuine coconut its not sugar-coated, not a candy flavour, not at all artificial tasting. Its a great tropical touch for fruit...
  • Coffee Espresso by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Coffee Espresso ( Dark Bean )

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Strong flavour! Bold, true, never bitter, excellent coffee flavour! No skunk-like smell that many other coffee flavourings have, and it leaves no offensive vapour trail.If you love coffee and have given up on making a coffee vape, Espresso will make...
  • Cola by FlavourArt - Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Cola (USA Pleasure )

    $4.80 - $10.45
    This is great Coke flavour ( USA Pleasure ) . It requires NO steep at all and does not change flavour or 'go flat' over time. It's a flavouring that vapes extremely clean and tastes great by itself. It even gives you a bubbly, carbonated effect, FA...
  • Cookie by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Cookie ( Biscotto )

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Very versatile flavouring! This cookie flavouring has no diketone ingredients, which sets it apart from others. This is a very neutral, mildly sweet cookie base. There are no spices, vanilla, or other flavours to interfere with your additions. It can...
  • Custard by FlavourArt - Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Custard

    $4.80 - $10.45
    A sweet and savoury taste that complements vanilla, spice, and dessert flavours. Use custard by itself or in your personal DIY e-liquid recipe for a unique, but irresistible flavour. Yes there's better tasting custards out there but, they're made with...
  • Forest Fruit Mix By FlavourArt - Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Forest Fruit Mix

    Start at 3%A combined blend of the sweet and often tart flavours of many berries, by itself, Forest Fruit gives you a rich and mysterious vaping experience. Forest Fruit Mix also complements fruit, floral, cola, and dessert
  • Fresh Cream by Flavourart

    FLAVOURART Fresh Cream

    $4.80 - $10.45
    I don't know if a day has gone by since my first taste of FA Fresh Cream that I haven't used it in something. This is one of the most useful flavours out there. I think every DIY'er needs this one! It's just fresh cream - no sweetener, no vanilla, no...
  • Fresh Fig by Flavourart Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Fresh Fig

    $4.80 - $10.45
    "Fresh" is the optimum and exact word to use when describing this flavour. I grew up in the country with just about every type of fruit bearing bush or tree in the ground, so, what a fresh "off the tree" fruit flavour tastes like is something of which I...
  • Fuji Apple by FlavourArt - Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Fuji Apple

    $4.80 - $10.45
    I've tried a lot of apple flavouring liquids out there and for many different mixes. No matter what I seem to need them for, this one happens to always scream "I'll be the best for that mix!". It never screams anything untrue. This is THE apple as far...
  • GLORY Tobacco by FlavourArt Concentrate


    A new (2015) tobacco blend. FA is after the NET crowd and Hangsen fans with this one. Old Dekang fans would call this a 555: nutty, fairly sweet, brown tobacco. Hangsen fans will compare Glory to Hangsen Highway, and might recognize some tobacco notes...
  • Hazelnut FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Hazelnut ( Hazel Grove )

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Start at 2.5% Rich, smooth, and delicious, use Hazelnut by itself, or add it to your favourite recipe to even out bitterness. We recommend trying it with chocolate, tobacco, and coffee flavours
  • Honey by FlavourArt Concentrate


    $4.80 - $10.45
    Honey is a sticky and sweet flavour with floral undertones that tastes great both by itself or mixed with other flavours in a DIY e-liqud recipe. A staple in any properly stocked spice cabinet, honey complements tea, coffee, tobacco and dessert flavours...
  • Irish Cream by Flavourart Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Irish Cream

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Start at 3% Tasting almost like the real thing, this sweet flavour with a unique kick is perfect for mixing with coffee, butterscotch, and some dessert flavours, or just as amazing on its own. This flavour is an essential component of any DIY...
  • Jamaican Rum by FlavourArt Concentrate

    FLAVOURART Jamaican Rum

    $4.80 - $10.45
    Recommend starting at 3%This is superb dark rum, beats other brands I tried. Get some - there are so many uses for rumMany enjoy it standalone, anywhere from 2-4%.Add other FA flavours to make your own flavoured rums (apricot and coconut are excellent)...