The Flavor Apprentice is the flavouring arm of renowned fragrance materials company The Perfumer’s Apprentice. Natural aromatics and flavour profiles are their business. They are food-safe and made in the United States. Flavour World carries a wide selection of Flavor Apprentice flavour concentrates, including favourites like banana cream, apple pie, strawberry ripe and Vanilla Swirl

Ingredients or make up of these concentrates are available on their website, these are purchased in bulk and repackaged by Flavour World

Our 50mls and 100mls do not have a dropper only normal caps, You can Purchase screw top witches caps by clicking HERE

Below is a link to Specification Sheets and MSDS's

and another link to the Certificates of Analysis for the Flavor Apprentice
Specs and MSDS Certs of Analysis

Product Use and Disclaimer

Flavour World sells Food Grade Flavour Concentrates for the use in baking and general domestic and commercial use, and may contain ingredients that may not be suitable for the purpose you are using them, if you use any of these concentrates for any other purpose, you do so at your own risk, as Flavour World is a reseller, we cannot provide you with a chemical breakdown of the product, you should contact the manufacturer direct if you need this information