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  • This mild black TFA (Cigarillo) is a sweet and dark tobacco flavour, like a pipe tobacco or a light cigar, very aromatic . This is not a gourmet tobacco because it is rather dry. It takes its full meaning in tobacco recipes, being an effective base.


TFA Mild Black now called CIGARILLO  and TFA Black Honey were my first tobacco flavours besides ry4 double. When I first mixed those 2 up I thought they tasted like the Backwoods Sweet and Aromatic cigars that I used to really like. I immediately thought they would go together really well for a dessert cigar.

Flavouring Uses 

Smoothies, diet shakes and protein drinks start at 3%

  • Baking and frosting
  • Breakfast, Oatmeal and Puddings
  • Skinny Cocktails, Martinis, Margaritas and Mojitos
  • Coffee, Tea, Espressos and Lattes
  • Italian Sodas and Flavored Water
  • Desserts, Sherbets and Shave Ice
  • Ice Creams
  • Tobacco Flavours add smokey and barbeque flavour to sauces and bases


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