Ethyl Maltol Solution 10ml

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Ethyl Maltol (EM) – Common confectionary sweetener used to round out harsh upper notes and sweeten sour/bitter flavours
Flavour Suitability: Drinks, beverages, ice cream, sandwich, candies, baking treats and more
Recommended dilutions for final end concentrations of EM are ~1-5mg/mL (0.1-0.5%) to start,
of course adjusting for taste preference. Remember EM doesn’t magically make recipes ‘pop,’ flavour art takes research!
Upon rapid cooling, ethyl maltol can sometimes crystallise out of solution. If you see a slight amount of particulate in solution, gentle heating should resoluble the ethyl maltol surprisingly well :)
Best way to describe this is to share a review from a third party below USE AT 0.25 to 1% MAX VERY VERY STRONG

3rd Party REVIEW:

A must have for DIYer's, 

Ethyl Maltol is one of several additives that should be on hand for anyone who wants to get the best out of their flavourings in my humble opinion. If you have recipe, that is a bit off, be it harsher than you prefer, it can work wonders in my experience, it sweetens and smooths out the rough edges especially when you are wanting to create a more complex flavour profile and helps to shorten the steeping time needed for complex flavour profiles , but it is equally true in even the single flavour profiles.. No DIYer should be without this one.

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