CoronaVirus Update



PLEASE NOTE: Flavour World is online only and whilst Australia Post continues to deliver we will continue to trade

On this page we intend to give you updates on the availability of Flavour World and what is happening with Flavour Companies and products Worldwide and how this affects stock, we request that you be as patient as possible whilst Flavour World seeks alternative vendors to supply stock

21 April 2020

Flavour Art have temporarily closed down which again means we have had to remove our 50ml sizes

Capella Flavor Drops are still open at the moment, I just spoke to them and they are taking it day by day.

All DIY Bottles: As you can imagine with very few international flights there is a massive backlog we ask that you bear with us.

Australia Post: Australia Post have advised that they do have a backlog and deliveries may be slower than normal, in fact some parcel post items have taken 2 weeks and Express 3 to 5 days Flavour World cannot follow up on a slow package or any package unless it is at least 5 days overdue.

USD to AUD: Due to the high value of the US$ at the moment we have had no option but to increase our prices by a small amount, we are doing our best to keep them as low as possible

International Couriers: Have now added a coronavirus surcharge to all imports which again is putting pressure on prices .

River Supply Co. ( Nicotine River ) Have closed temporarily which means we cannot get Nic Riv or Flavor Revolution stock ATM: