Clouds in My Coffee - October 2019 Winner

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The winner for October 2019 is Clouds in My Coffee 

You will receive 1 x 10mls of the following concentrates, simply use the below percentages mixed with your choice of VGPG

0.75% Brazilian Coffee (SC) (WF)
4.00% Caramel Coffee with Sweet Milk (Purilum)
0.25% Double Chocolate v2 (CAP)
0.20% Hazelnut (Hazel Grove (FA)
2.00% Nilla Wafer with Milk (Purilum)
0.50% Super Sweet (CAP)
0.50% Toasted Marshmallow (TPA)
1.00% Vanilla Bourbon (FA)


A full flavoured mix like this rare, not any more!

A full bodied coffee recipe that is not to strong, yet is smooth, a little creamy with a lovely balance of caramel & vanilla sweetness.
This was our toughest challenge recipe profile yet. It took some work but wow, it was worth it!


Steep Time - 5 Days

If this is your thing give it a mix.

A massive thank you to all who contributed their thoughts, concepts and ideas toward this lovely recipe!
Assisted by the following awesome people who contributed some great input:
Luke Shaw, Irellimac Acinom, Mitchell Cook, Ben Cutler,
Danny Magikman, Jason Gabchik, Uwe F. Herle, Toby Aldington, Cynthia Sideris, George Dalamagas, Emii Briggs, Joe Purcell, Brian Drew, Braybray Monsta, Stephen Schwier, Shane Price, Ben Crocker, Dewet Gates,



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