Brain Freeze Recipe Pack

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Brain Freeze features a trifecta of fruit flavours, starting with the pomegranate, followed by the sweetness of ripened strawberries, and topped off with kiwi tartness. Together these three fruits create a medley of sorts that is typically found in Hawaiian crafted resort drinks because of their richness and also because of how the flavours compliment the weather you'd be enjoying.

You will receive 1 x 10ml of each of the following concentrates

4.25% Kiwi ( CAP )
1% Menthol Strong by FlavourWorld
3% pomegranate ( FA )
1.5% Strawberry Ripe( TPA )
1% Super Sweet ( CAP )
3% Sweet Strawberry RF ( CAP )



Recipe packs are copied from the public domain Flavour World does not warrant that this recipe will be the
same as the original e-juice, Customers who purchase this product are only purchasing the concentrates, the recipe is for information only and the customer takes
full responsibility should they decide to make this recipe and will have no recourse against Flavour World or its employees

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